Ansible role base-packages
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MIT License | Ansible Lint check | Galaxy release

Ansible Role to install packages

A base ansible role that should run on common Linux systems.

This role adds more package sources to Debian. And installs some useful tools. This role adds more package sources to Debian. And installs some useful tools. The complete list of tools to install can be found in the vars/main.yml.

Optionally you can also set vim as the default editor and update all packages to latest.


For a complete overview of all variables have a deeper look into the vars nd the defaults Folder!.

# install these additional packages
base__extra_packages: []
# - foo
# - bar

# should we add additional package source?
base__add_ethz: true

# add nonfree/firmware packages?
base__pkg_non_free_firmware: true
base__pkg_contrib: true

# add security repo
base__pkg_security: true

# add Debian Volatile
base__pkg_updates: true

# optionaly print some OS vars
base__print_os_vars: false

# choose latest or present for package state
# set this to latest for updating all packages!
base__package_state: 'present'

# should we update all packages?
base__upgrade_packages_to_latest_version: false

# install keychain (ssh agent)
base__install_keychain: true

# install vim (comand line editor)
base__install_vim: true

# perform a simple versions check (true is recomended)
submodules_versioncheck: false


This role is tested with these github-action tests for different versions of differen linux systems. If you want to find out more about our tests, please have a look at the github marketplace.

test status Github Marketplace
Galaxy release publish-ansible-role-to-galaxy
Yamllint GitHub Actions yamllint-github-action
Ansible Lint check ansible-lint action
Ansible check debian:latest ansible test with debian stable
Ansible check debian:latest ansible test with debian latest
Ansible check debian:sid ansible test with debian sid
Ansible check debian:stable ansible test with debian stable
Ansible check debian:buster ansible test with debian buster
Ansible check archlinux:latest ansible test with archlinux latest
Ansible check ubuntu:latest ansible test with ubuntu latest
Ansible check ubuntu:bionic ansible test with ubuntu bionic
Ansible check ubuntu:trusty ansible test with ubuntu trusty
Ansible check fedora:latest ansible test with fedora latest
Ansible check fedora:33 ansible test with fedora 33
Ansible check fedora:32 ansible test with fedora 32
Ansible check fedora:31 ansible test with fedora 31
Ansible check centos:latest ansible test with centos latest
Ansible check centos:centos8 ansible test with centos centos8
Ansible check centos:centos7 ansible test with centos centos7