Ansible role to install the ranger file manager on linux
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Ansible Galaxy MIT License


Ansible role to install the ranger file manager on linux. ranger is a console file manager with VI key bindings. More info about ranger is available at

What does this role do?

  • This role try to install ranger with the default package manager.
  • If this fails, this role will download the ranger git and compile it by ourself (with python 3).
  • We also could perform a simple versioncheck that will check if a newer version of this role has been executed on this host before.
    • You can enable it by setting submodules_versioncheck to true

How to use this role

You can either use this role via ansible galaxy or use it directly from this git repository.

ansible galaxy

install role:

ansible-galaxy install do1jlr.ranger

You can execute the role directly via ansible ad-hoc command, but it is highly recomended to create a ansible playbook

# example ad-hoc command
ansible -m include_role -a "name=do1jlr.ranger" localhost

Example Ansible-Playbook:

- hosts: localhost
  - do1jlr.ranger

use via git command

clone github repo:

git clone

example Playbook:

- hosts: localhost
    - ansible_role_ranger
   - ranger
    submodules_versioncheck: true


This role is tested with these github-action tests for different versions of differen linux systems. If you want to find out more about our tests, please have a look at the github marketplace.

test status Github Marketplace
Galaxy release publish-ansible-role-to-galaxy
Yamllint GitHub Actions yamllint-github-action
Ansible Lint check ansible-lint action
Ansible check debian:latest ansible test with debian stable
Ansible check debian:latest ansible test with debian latest
Ansible check debian:sid ansible test with debian sid
Ansible check debian:stable ansible test with debian stable
Ansible check debian:buster ansible test with debian buster
Ansible check archlinux:latest ansible test with archlinux latest
Ansible check ubuntu:latest ansible test with ubuntu latest
Ansible check ubuntu:bionic ansible test with ubuntu bionic
Ansible check ubuntu:trusty ansible test with ubuntu trusty
Ansible check fedora:latest ansible test with fedora latest
Ansible check fedora:33 ansible test with fedora 33
Ansible check fedora:32 ansible test with fedora 32
Ansible check fedora:31 ansible test with fedora 31
Ansible check centos:latest ansible test with centos latest
Ansible check centos:centos8 ansible test with centos centos8
Ansible check centos:centos7 ansible test with centos centos7
Ansible check alpine:latest ansible test with alpine latest


# perform simple versionscheck (true is recomended)
submodules_versioncheck: false

# parameter for ranger installation
  repo: ''
  branch: 'master'
  download_directory: "{{ x_ansible_download_dir | default(ansible_env.HOME + '/.ansible/tmp/downloads/ranger') }}"