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L3D 1c12737595
Adding todo 2 years ago
L3D 5b4af12078
introducing systemd timer 2 years ago
L3D 61d4dc0e96
use ansible collection names 2 years ago
L3D c4ea20b5b5
delete docker test runs because they fail on systemd stuff 2 years ago
L3D cf455f6237
update cron 2 years ago
L3D 49a16adaa5
Fixing linting 2 years ago
L3D a1e2982b3d
update versionscheck 3 years ago
L3D f4880a5c29
Update README.md 3 years ago
L3D c48845dbe2
Merge pull request #2 from roles-ansible/docs
Update docs, improve testing and fix some typos
3 years ago
L3D dfc6422ee3
cleanup FOUNDING page 3 years ago
L3D 7cb1c74ebc
Add ad-hoc command 3 years ago
L3D 7a19834b78
update metadata 3 years ago
L3D e9b298483b
Update README description and testing 3 years ago
L3D f92391b3d6
rename akku.sh to akku.sh.j2 and fix description 3 years ago
L3D 72af28dd80
No support for fedora because mpv is not available by default 3 years ago
L3D 03a1cb1109
No support for centos 3 years ago
L3D 95f35dbafe
alpine linux not working 3 years ago
L3D 49bd8123a0
Add more action checks for more operating systems 3 years ago
L3D 9edc480d4d
Merge pull request #1 from chaos-bodensee/test
improved README and cron behavior
3 years ago
L3D 405938b826
cronie => cron 3 years ago
L3D 04e4dd6717
Update docs and default values 3 years ago
L3D 8abeb45453
resolve galaxy linting error 3 years ago
L3D d4cafafddf
Optimize role order 3 years ago
L3D 5f68a6f447
Add github actions 3 years ago
L3D 0d14a429fc
add travis check 3 years ago
L3D 36eeb45570
update version string 3 years ago
L3D 7b677ca528
update script: no popups during recharge 3 years ago
L3D 714731d4bf
Update versionscheck 4 years ago
L3D b92ec405e4
Update founding infos 4 years ago
L3D 9a7d417fe7
Fix error 4 years ago
L3D e89a93db81
Use new sound 4 years ago
L3D b3dc0c1254
Change video to audio for warning 4 years ago
Lilian Roller 9ef46a3e1e
Update Founding info 4 years ago
Lilian Roller dcae04d568
improve role name 4 years ago
Lilian Roller dec0f4d311
Improve meta info 4 years ago
Lilian Roller fad02afabe
Update founding infos 4 years ago
Lilian Roller 01699d6b0e
Update meta informations 4 years ago
Lilian Roller d4b711e10c
Update LICENCE Information 4 years ago
Lilian Roller ce2be29432
Implement akku warning 4 years ago
Lilian Roller e71341cbea
delete useless whitespace 4 years ago
Lilian Roller 55dc921ca1
Publish role on ansible galaxy 4 years ago
Lilian Roller 47c3ccf142
correct some layout 4 years ago
L3D 4e199c6865 improve akku fun 4 years ago
L3D f15421be48 Add gitmodule 4 years ago
L3D ecf6ae5594 Create ansible submodule for akku warning 4 years ago
L3D 517c5704ce
Initial commit 4 years ago